State Representatives Of Vinton County, Ohio

This data is taken from "Historical Directory of the Ohio House of Representatives", published in 1966 by Columbus Blank Book Company, Columbus, Ohio 43207, bound by the State Of Ohio.

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Hon. John L. Beckley, attorney, of McArthur, Ohio is serving his first term as Vinton County's State Representative. Hon. John was assigned to three House committees: Education; Judiciary (General Section); Public Welfare. John's experience as a former Vinton County Prosecutor was very helpful in legislative matters.

Vinton County, formed from the surrounding counties of Gallia, Hocking, Jackson and Ross, was organized March 23, 1850 and the county was named in honor of Congressman Samuel Vinton.

Vinton has a land area of 402 square miles and an estimated 1964 population of 9,944, with 3,111 residing in its four villages. McArthur, (pop. 1,555) is the county seat. Vinton, population-wise, is Ohio's smallest county. Records show that the population in this county in 1880 was listed as 17,223. There is very little industry within Vinton County. However, there are some saw mills and lumber processing plants which do a thriving business. Vinton has some fine orchards as well as many prosperous farms.

Each legislative district may include more than one county and the district boundaries could be redrawn from time to time as population patterns changed. If this county's representative was from another county in the district, it is shown after his name.

Records indicate political affiliations of members began with the 77th Session in 1906-07. (D)= Democrat, (R)= Republican
SessionRepresentative's NameSession Started
51stWm. J. Evans
from Jackson County
January 2, 1854
52ndEd F. BinghamJanuary 7, 1856
53rdR. B. Stevenson
Wm. L. Edmiston
January 4, 1858
54thAlex. PearceJanuary 2, 1860
55thJohn FeeJanuary 6, 1862
56thE. A. BrattonJanuary 4, 1864
57thAndrew J. SwaimJanuary 1, 1866
58thAndrew J. SwaimJanuary 6, 1868
59thAlmond SouleJanuary 3, 1870
60thThomas M. BayJanuary 1, 1872
61stThomas M. BayJanuary 5, 1874
62ndA. J. SwaimJanuary 3, 1876
63rdA. J. SwaimJanuary 7, 1878
64thC. P. WardJanuary 4, 1880
65thFrancis StrongJanuary 2, 1882
66thWilliam F. Fierce?January 7, 1884
67thThomas F. McClureJanuary 4, 1886
68thStephen W. MonahanJanuary 2, 1888
69thStephen W. MonahanJanuary 6, 1890
70thWilliam P. Price
from Hocking County
January 4, 1892
71stJohn P. Rochester
from Hocking County
January 3, 1894
72ndJohn P. Rochester
from Hocking County
January 6, 1896
73rdMilton S. Cox
from Hocking County
January 3, 1898
74thCharles S. Rannells
from Hocking County
January 1, 1900
75thCharles S. Rannells
from Hocking County
January 6, 1902
76thFrederick I. Bright
from Hocking County
January 4, 1904
77thJohn R. Freiner (R)January 1, 1906
78thJohn R. Freiner (R)January 4, 1909
79thJohn R. Freiner (R)January 2, 1911
80thW. A. Rhulman (D)January 6, 1913
81stD. H. Moore (R)January 4, 1915
82ndJohn R. Freiner (R)January 1, 1917
83rdStephen J. Benner (R)January 6, 1919
84thStephen J. Benner (R)January 3, 1921
85thJohn Hopkins (R)January 1, 1923
86thAndrew Martindill (D)January 5, 1925
87thG. E. Sharp (R)January 3, 1927
88thG. E. Sharp (R)January 7, 1929
89thE. R. King (R)1931-32
90thE. R. King (R)1933-34
91stE. R. King (R)1935-36
92ndKenneth Robbins (R)1937-38
93rdKenneth Robbins (R)1939-40
94thO. C. Reed (R)1941-42
95thO. C. Reed (R)1943-44
96thOtto F. Sharp (R)1945-46
97thO. F. Sharp (R)1947-48
98thHomer E. Abele (R)1949-50
99thHomer E. Abele (R)1951-52
100thLuster M. Cooley (R)1953-54
101stLuster M. Cooley (R)1955-56
102ndTheodore R. Boring (D)1957-58
103rdTheodore R. Boring (D)1959-60
104thTheodore R. Boring (D)1961-62
105thTheodore R. Boring (D)1963-64
106thJohn L. Beckley (R)1965-66

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