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349 Feature records have been selected from GNIS. 

Latitude is expressed in the form ddmmss North, where dd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.
Longitude is expressed in the form dddmmss West, where ddd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map 
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- ------------------------
Allensville                  pop place 391621N  0823625W  Allensville
Allensville Elementary Scho  school    391619N  0823631W  Allensville
Alma, Lake                   reservoir 390842N  0823106W  Hamden
Alman Run                    stream    391044N  0822143W  Vales Mills
Anderson School (historical  school    392132N  0823711W  Allensville
Antioch Church               church    391436N  0823638W  Hamden
Arbaugh                      pop place 391024N  0822016W  Vales Mills
Arbaugh Cemetery             cemetery  391042N  0822130W  Vales Mills
Atkinson Lookout Tower       tower     391723N  0822213W  Mineral
Atkinson Ridge               ridge     391739N  0822158W  Mineral
Axtel School (historical)    school    391116N  0822341W  McArthur
Baker Cemetery               cemetery  391341N  0824314W  Byer
Bear Hollow                  valley    391843N  0821820W  Mineral
Beard Cemetery               cemetery  391141N  0822542W  McArthur
Bee (historical)             pop place 391455N  0823931W  Byer
Bee School (historical)      school    391457N  0823929W  Byer
Beech Grove School (histori  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Bell Cemetery                cemetery  391635N  0823625W  Allensville
Bentley Church               church    391324N  0823023W  Hamden
Bethel Church                church    391135N  0823012W  Hamden
Bethel Church                church    392033N  0822803W  Zaleski
Bethel Ridge                 ridge     392052N  0822814W  Zaleski
Big Four Hollow              valley    392146N  0821854W  Mineral
Black Hollow                 valley    391822N  0822220W  Mineral
Boblet School (historical)   school    391449N  0824359W  Byer
Boblett Cemetery             cemetery  391444N  0824348W  Byer
Bolin Cemetery               cemetery  391333N  0821624W  Vales Mills
Bolins Mills                 pop place 391351N  0821706W  Vales Mills
Bolster Hollow               valley    391836N  0822246W  Zaleski
Boring Church                church    391120N  0821920W  Vales Mills
Bowens Cemetery              cemetery  391038N  0821832W  Vales Mills
Bray Hollow                  valley    391933N  0823329W  Allensville
Brewer Hollow                valley    391427N  0822158W  Vales Mills
Brooks Cemetery              cemetery  391732N  0821637W  Mineral
Brown Hollow                 valley    391814N  0824431W  Ratcliffburg
Brown, Township of           civil     392040N  0822121W  Mineral
Browns School (historical)   school    392118N  0823450W  Allensville
Brush Fork                   stream    390947N  0821910W  Vales Mills
Brushy Creek                 stream    391831N  0822608W  Zaleski
Brushy Fork                  stream    392104N  0822703W  Zaleski
Butler Hollow                valley    391906N  0821955W  Mineral
Buttermilk Hollow            valley    391200N  0824021W  Byer
Cabin Ridge                  ridge     391955N  0822154W  Mineral
Cassill Cemetery             cemetery  391219N  0823212W  Hamden
Centenary Cemetery           cemetery  391849N  0823308W  Allensville
Centenary Church (historica  church    391847N  0823307W  Allensville
Center School (historical)   school    391938N  0823432W  Allensville
Chestnut Grove Church        church    392215N  0823622W  Allensville
Church Of Jesus Christ       church    390611N  0822445W  Mulga
Cincinnati Furnace (histori  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Cintra (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Clarion                      pop place 390527N  0822300W  Mulga
Clark Cemetery               cemetery  391724N  0821614W  Mineral
Clark Hollow                 valley    392039N  0824337W  Ratcliffburg
Clark School (historical)    school    391503N  0824241W  Ratcliffburg
Claylick School (historical  school    391307N  0823957W  Byer
Clinton, Township of         civil     391012N  0823007W  Hamden
Coalmont Hollow              valley    391818N  0822254W  Zaleski
Conway Hollow                valley    392022N  0824343W  Ratcliffburg
Cooney School (historical)   school    390300N  0822458W  Mulga
Corinth Church               church    391224N  0824043W  Byer
Cottrill School (historical  school    391142N  0821949W  Vales Mills
Cox (historical)             pop place 391758N  0824427W  Ratcliffburg
Cox Bridge                   bridge    392157N  0822739W  Zaleski
Cox Run                      stream    391657N  0824501W  Londonderry
Creola                       pop place 391855N  0822759W  Zaleski
Creola Cemetery              cemetery  391906N  0822813W  Zaleski
Cumming Cemetery             cemetery  391000N  0821836W  Vales Mills
Curry Cemetery               cemetery  390437N  0822303W  Mulga
Curry Cemetery               cemetery  391752N  0823238W  Allensville
Darby School (historical)    school    391239N  0823322W  Hamden
Devils Den Hollow            valley    392040N  0821937W  Mineral
Dixon Hill                   summit    391142N  0821833W  Vales Mills
Dolly School (historical)    school    391419N  0823443W  Hamden
Dozer Cemetery               cemetery  391301N  0824024W  Byer
Dry Branch                   stream    391951N  0823904W  Ratcliffburg
Dundas                       pop place 391213N  0822849W  McArthur
Dunkle Creek                 stream    391848N  0822750W  Zaleski
Eagle Chapel (historical)    church    391746N  0823924W  Ratcliffburg
Eagle Furnace (historical)   locale    391030N  0822515W  McArthur
Eagle Mills                  pop place 391943N  0824132W  Ratcliffburg
Eagle School                 school    391918N  0824204W  Ratcliffburg
Eagle, Township of           civil     391908N  0824116W  Ratcliffburg
Eakin Mill Bridge            bridge    391017N  0822012W  Vales Mills
East Branch Raccoon Creek    stream    392244N  0822343W  New Plymouth
Ebenezer Church              church    392251N  0823020W  South Bloomingville
Ebenezer School (historical  school    392244N  0823014W  South Bloomingville
Ego (historical)             pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Elk Cemetery                 cemetery  391520N  0822846W  Zaleski
Elk Fork                     pop place 391657N  0822806W  Zaleski
Elk Fork                     stream    390938N  0822107W  Vales Mills
Elk Fork Cemetery            cemetery  391559N  0822827W  Zaleski
Elk, Township of             civil     391506N  0822828W  Zaleski
Elko (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Fairview (historical)        pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Fairview Church              church    391352N  0824017W  Byer
Fairview Ridge               ridge     391346N  0824024W  Byer
Fee Cemetery                 cemetery  391948N  0822353W  Zaleski
Fielder Hollow               valley    392118N  0821914W  Mineral
First Christian Church       church    391452N  0822836W  McArthur
Flat Run                     stream    391159N  0822213W  Vales Mills
Flat Run                     stream    391251N  0821724W  Vales Mills
Flat Run School (historical  school    391234N  0822125W  Vales Mills
Flatlick Run                 stream    390237N  0822115W  Wilkesville
Friends Church               church    391447N  0824351W  Byer
Furnace Ridge                ridge     392037N  0822042W  Mineral
Garrett Cemetery             cemetery  391755N  0823644W  Allensville
George Hollow                valley    391418N  0824323W  Byer
Good Hollow                  valley    391221N  0824053W  Byer
Goosetown (historical)       pop place 392216N  0823620W  Allensville
Greer Cemetery               cemetery  390307N  0822245W  Mulga
Gregory Cemetery             cemetery  391019N  0821908W  Vales Mills
Habron Hollow                valley    392021N  0822052W  Mineral
Haburn School (historical)   school    390858N  0822655W  McArthur
Haburn School (historical)   school    391147N  0823045W  Hamden
Haggerty School (historical  school    390753N  0822430W  McArthur
Hamden                       pop place 390935N  0823137W  Hamden
Hamden Cemetery              cemetery  390857N  0823142W  Hamden
Hamden Elementary School     school    390825N  0823145W  Hamden
Harbargar Hollow             valley    392013N  0821945W  Mineral
Harkins Chapel               church    391351N  0821955W  Vales Mills
Harrison (historical)        pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Harrison, Township of        civil     391435N  0824207W  Byer
Hawk School (historical)     school    391407N  0823042W  Hamden
Hawks                        pop place 390641N  0822314W  Mulga
Headleg Hollow               valley    391512N  0823748W  Ratcliffburg
Headley School (historical)  school    391429N  0823818W  Byer
Hewett Fork                  stream    391816N  0821923W  Mineral
Hilltop Church               church    391244N  0822956W  McArthur
Hixon Cemetery               cemetery  391254N  0822856W  McArthur
Hoagland Hollow              valley    391538N  0822200W  Mineral
Hog Run                      stream    390708N  0822141W  Wilkesville
Honeycomb Hollow             valley    392155N  0821834W  Mineral
Hooper Park                  park      391426N  0822106W  Vales Mills
Hope                         pop place 391906N  0822014W  Mineral
Hope Chapel                  church    391806N  0822053W  Mineral
Hope Furnace                 locale    391955N  0822026W  Mineral
Hope, Lake                   reservoir 391912N  0822124W  Mineral
Hue                          pop place 392313N  0823019W  South Bloomingville
Hull Hollow                  valley    392132N  0821908W  Mineral
Indiancamp Run               stream    390449N  0822341W  Mulga
Irish Ridge                  ridge     392049N  0822013W  Mineral
Jackman School (historical)  school    391247N  0823518W  Hamden
Jackson, Township of         civil     391928N  0823454W  Allensville
Jimtown                      pop place 392112N  0824323W  Ratcliffburg
Johnson Run                  stream    391024N  0823111W  Hamden
Jones Hollow                 valley    391624N  0822056W  Mineral
Juniper Chapel               church    392228N  0822002W  Mineral
Karr Run                     stream    390404N  0822413W  Mulga
Keeton Cemetery              cemetery  391924N  0822135W  Mineral
Keeton Hollow                valley    392003N  0822135W  Mineral
Kelley Branch                stream    391603N  0823819W  Ratcliffburg
Kelley School (historical)   school    391430N  0823642W  Hamden
King Hollow                  valley    391914N  0821716W  Mineral
King Hollow Trail            trail     391934N  0821811W  Mineral
Knox                         pop place 391558N  0821709W  Mineral
Knox, Township of            civil     391508N  0821828W  Mineral
Lake Alma Dam                dam       390842N  0823106W  Hamden
Lake Alma State Reserve      park      390843N  0823051W  Hamden
Lake Hope Dam                dam       391912N  0822124W  Mineral
Lake Hope State Park         park      392000N  0822105W  Mineral
Lake Ridge                   ridge     392039N  0822127W  Mineral
Lake Rupert Dam              dam       391030N  0823118W  Hamden
Lankamer Lake                reservoir 391312N  0823118W  Hamden
Lankamer Lake Dam            dam       391312N  0823118W  Hamden
Laurel Run                   stream    391559N  0821728W  Mineral
Lebanon Church               church    391953N  0824052W  Ratcliffburg
Lipscomb Hollow              valley    391959N  0824404W  Ratcliffburg
Little Sandy Run             stream    391857N  0822121W  Mineral
Locust Grove Ridge           ridge     392004N  0823222W  Allensville
Log Pile Church              church    391433N  0823845W  Byer
Log Pile Ridge               ridge     391353N  0823906W  Byer
Long Run                     stream    391113N  0821806W  Vales Mills
Lookout Rock                 pillar    391810N  0821924W  Mineral
Loper Hollow                 valley    391934N  0821740W  Mineral
Low Gap                      gap       392030N  0823244W  Allensville
Mace Cemetery                cemetery  390955N  0821945W  Vales Mills
Macedonia Church             church    392100N  0823739W  Ratcliffburg
Madison Church               church    391657N  0822131W  Mineral
Madison, Township of         civil     391606N  0822306W  Zaleski
Martindill Cemetery          cemetery  391412N  0823311W  Hamden
McArthur                     pop place 391447N  0822843W  McArthur
McArthur Chapel              church    392048N  0822718W  Zaleski
McArthur Junction (historic  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
McConnel Run                 stream    391138N  0823024W  Hamden
McGee Cemetery               cemetery  391936N  0824005W  Ratcliffburg
Merritt Run                  stream    391446N  0821805W  Vales Mills
Middle Fork Salt Creek       stream    391627N  0823729W  Allensville
Miller School (historical)   school    391540N  0823030W  Allensville
Million School (historical)  school    392124N  0823239W  Allensville
Mine Hollow                  valley    391738N  0822329W  Zaleski
Minerton                     pop place 390400N  0822414W  Mulga
Minerton Church              church    390402N  0822337W  Mulga
Mingo (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Mitchell Hollow              valley    391922N  0822456W  Zaleski
Mizner Hollow                valley    392040N  0821927W  Mineral
Moonville                    tunnel    391824N  0821917W  Mineral
Morgan Hollow                valley    392143N  0821846W  Mineral
Mound School (historical)    school    390914N  0822000W  Vales Mills
Mount Olive Church           church    390445N  0822302W  Mulga
Mount Olive Church           church    390445N  0822302W  Mulga
Mount Olive Church           church    391710N  0823517W  Allensville
Mount Olive Road Covered Bri bridge    391710N  0823520W  Allensville
Mount Pleasant               pop place 392334N  0822725W  New Plymouth
Mount Zion Cemetery          cemetery  391923N  0822934W  Zaleski
Mount Zion Church            church    391427N  0823252W  Hamden
Mount Zion School (historica school    391425N  0823300W  Hamden
New Plymouth                 pop place 392305N  0822347W  New Plymouth
North Branch Pretty Run      stream    391951N  0823834W  Ratcliffburg
North Fork Brush Fork        stream    390941N  0821858W  Vales Mills
Oak Grove Cemetery           cemetery  391644N  0822406W  Zaleski
Ogg Hollow                   valley    392051N  0821915W  Mineral
Onion Creek                  stream    391548N  0821718W  Mineral
Oreton                       pop place 390950N  0822446W  McArthur
Oreton Lookout Tower         tower     391016N  0822253W  McArthur
Orland                       pop place 392258N  0822526W  New Plymouth
Otterbein Chapel             church    392130N  0823458W  Allensville
Ox (historical)              pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Papaw School (historical)    school    391635N  0823211W  Allensville
Parks Hollow                 valley    391434N  0824421W  Byer
Pawpaw Cemetery              cemetery  391637N  0823215W  Allensville
Peck Hill                    summit    391744N  0822018W  Mineral
Penrod Hollow                valley    392215N  0821826W  Mineral
Perry Ridge                  ridge     391204N  0821925W  Vales Mills
Persimmon School (historical school    391610N  0823800W  Ratcliffburg
Pierce Hollow                valley    390915N  0822108W  Vales Mills
Pierce Run                   stream    390721N  0822218W  Wilkesville
Pigeon Creek                 stream    391231N  0824247W  Byer
Pike Run                     stream    391741N  0824439W  Ratcliffburg
Pike Run Church              church    392047N  0824327W  Ratcliffburg
Pilgrim Church               church    391655N  0824240W  Ratcliffburg
Pincher (historical)         pop place 391143N  0821954W  Vales Mills
Pine Ridge School (historica school    391616N  0824256W  Ratcliffburg
Pinnacle, The                summit    391518N  0822404W  Zaleski
Pleasant Chapel (historical) church    391516N  0823156W  Allensville
Pleasant Valley Church       church    391449N  0824437W  Byer
Pleasant Valley Church       church    391512N  0824217W  Ratcliffburg
Pleasant Valley Church       church    391626N  0822053W  Mineral
Pleasant Valley Church       church    392207N  0822734W  Zaleski
Pleasant Valley School (hist school    391233N  0823755W  Byer
Ponetown Hollow              valley    391517N  0824023W  Ratcliffburg
Ponn Humpback Covered Bridge bridge    390353N  0822401W  Mulga
Poplar Flats                 flat      392140N  0821810W  Mineral
Prattsville                  pop place 391419N  0822329W  McArthur
Pretty Run                   stream    391947N  0824056W  Ratcliffburg
Prose Cemetery               cemetery  392142N  0822726W  Zaleski
Pumpkin Ridge                ridge     392001N  0822620W  Zaleski
Puncheon Fork                stream    391447N  0822737W  McArthur
Puritan                      pop place 390931N  0822921W  McArthur
Puritan Freewill Baptist Chu church    390931N  0822921W  McArthur
Radcliff                     pop place 390827N  0822237W  McArthur
Randerson Church             church    391407N  0823516W  Hamden
Ratcliffburg                 pop place 391546N  0824053W  Ratcliffburg
Ray                          pop place 391213N  0824101W  Byer
Ray School (historical)      school    391242N  0824155W  Byer
Red Diamond                  pop place 391514N  0822545W  Zaleski
Reeves Hollow                valley    391627N  0822100W  Mineral
Rich Hollow                  valley    391809N  0822145W  Mineral
Richland                     pop place 391113N  0823551W  Hamden
Richland Furnace             locale    391111N  0823546W  Hamden
Richland, Township of        civil     391431N  0823515W  Hamden
Riley (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Allensville
Riley Run                    stream    391614N  0823621W  Allensville
Riley School (historical)    school    391616N  0823424W  Allensville
Rockcamp Run                 stream    390632N  0822313W  Mulga
Rocky Branch                 stream    392047N  0822358W  Zaleski
Royal                        pop place 391821N  0823423W  Allensville
Rupert, Lake                 reservoir 391030N  0823118W  Hamden
Russell Run                  stream    391341N  0821742W  Vales Mills
Saint Pauls Church (historic church    392146N  0824234W  Ratcliffburg
Saint Sylvester Cemetery     cemetery  391701N  0822422W  Zaleski
Salt Spring Cemetery         cemetery  391616N  0823756W  Ratcliffburg
Sandy Run                    stream    391933N  0822052W  Mineral
Sant (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Scott Cemetery               cemetery  391550N  0824058W  Ratcliffburg
Seldom Seen School (historic school    391311N  0821700W  Vales Mills
Sheldon (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Shiloh Church                church    391240N  0823325W  Hamden
Shively School (historical)  school    391933N  0823228W  Allensville
Shoemaker Cemetery           cemetery  391311N  0823809W  Byer
Siverly                      pop place 392056N  0823000W  Zaleski
Siverly Creek                stream    391934N  0822749W  Zaleski
Skunk Hollow                 valley    391111N  0823807W  Byer
Slagle Cemetery              cemetery  391948N  0823835W  Ratcliffburg
Slagle Farm Cemetery         cemetery  391941N  0823837W  Ratcliffburg
Smallwood School (historical school    391302N  0824405W  Byer
Speed Run                    stream    391115N  0821848W  Vales Mills
Sproat Lake                  reservoir 391236N  0824406W  Byer
Sproat Lake Dam              dam       391236N  0824406W  Byer
Spunk Cemetery               cemetery  392145N  0823508W  Allensville
Starrett Ridge               ridge     392207N  0821921W  Mineral
Stella                       pop place 392055N  0823307W  Allensville
Stevens Branch               stream    391557N  0824045W  Ratcliffburg
Stony Hollow                 valley    391958N  0822014W  Mineral
Sugar Run                    stream    390926N  0823040W  Hamden
Swan School                  school    392018N  0822726W  Zaleski
Swan, Township of            civil     392039N  0822736W  Zaleski
Tar Farm School (historical) school    391037N  0822655W  McArthur
Tedroe Run                   stream    391509N  0821821W  Mineral
Timmons School (historical)  school    391846N  0824310W  Ratcliffburg
Trinity Episcopal Church     church    391452N  0822850W  McArthur
Tripp Run                    stream    390925N  0823044W  Hamden
Turner Ridge                 ridge     391637N  0821926W  Mineral
Twomile Run                  stream    392122N  0822305W  Zaleski
Union Church                 church    391917N  0824159W  Ratcliffburg
Union Ridge                  ridge     391251N  0822016W  Vales Mills
Union Ridge Church           church    391249N  0821754W  Vales Mills
Union Ridge Church           church    391347N  0822026W  Vales Mills
Ural (historical)            pop place 391533N  0822248W  Zaleski
Vales Mills                  pop place 391040N  0821853W  Vales Mills
Van (historical)             pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Vandiford School (historical school    391931N  0823727W  Allensville
Vinton                       pop place 391439N  0822613W  McArthur
Vinton Chapel                church    391340N  0822626W  McArthur
Vinton County                civil     391502N  0822800W  Zaleski
Vinton County Airport        airport   391941N  0822631W  Zaleski
Vinton County Childrens Home building  391623N  0822811W  Zaleski
Vinton County Consolidated H school    391456N  0822857W  McArthur
Vinton Furnace (historical)  locale    391306N  0822428W  McArthur
Vinton, Township of          civil     390941N  0822149W  Vales Mills
WXMF-FM (McArthur)           tower     391449N  0822810W  McArthur
Walleye Lake                 lake      390937N  0823155W  Hamden
Walnut Grove Church          church    391914N  0823657W  Allensville
Walter Hollow                valley    392110N  0821920W  Mineral
Washington (historical)      pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN  Unknown
Wayne National Forest        forest    391000N  0822500W  McArthur
Weaver Chapel                church    391330N  0821617W  Vales Mills
Webb Hollow                  valley    391747N  0822353W  Zaleski
Welcome Chapel               church    391159N  0823801W  Byer
Wesley Chapel Cemetery       cemetery  392044N  0822539W  Zaleski
West Branch Raccoon Creek    stream    392244N  0822344W  New Plymouth
Wheelabout Creek             stream    391623N  0822323W  Zaleski
Whiteoak School (historical) school    390755N  0822005W  Vales Mills
Wildcat Hollow               valley    392024N  0822142W  Mineral
Wilkesville                  pop place 390428N  0821934W  Wilkesville
Wilkesville, Township of     civil     390433N  0822151W  Wilkesville
Williams Cemetery            cemetery  390256N  0821945W  Wilkesville
Wilton  Elementary School    school    390944N  0822055W  Vales Mills
Wolf Cemetery                cemetery  392033N  0823720W  Allensville
Wolf Pen Hollow              valley    391743N  0821928W  Mineral
Wolf Run                     stream    391303N  0822445W  McArthur
Wyckoff Cemetery             cemetery  391419N  0823356W  Hamden
Wyckoff Crossroads           locale    391430N  0823411W  Hamden
Zaleski                      pop place 391656N  0822342W  Zaleski
Zaleski Camp                 locale    391726N  0822013W  Mineral
Zaleski Elementary School    school    391712N  0822334W  Zaleski
Zaleski State Forest         forest    391534N  0822357W  Zaleski
Zaleski State Forest Landing airport   391622N  0822338W  Zaleski
Zinns Run                    stream    390735N  0822129W  Vales Mills
Zion Cemetery                cemetery  391045N  0822734W  McArthur

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